Preventing Poisonings In Your Home

Poison control centers across the country respond to more than two million calls a year about potential poisonings, and most of these occur right in the family home. And these days, most poisonings can also be handled at home, not necessarily at the Emergency Department, says Public Health Educator Kristen Weinger, Blue Ridge Poison Control Read More

HEADS UP program raises awareness

About Student Athletes and Concussion School sports encourage teamwork, build lasting friendships and create wonderful memories. They also can cause various degrees of injury, concussions being among the most dangerous. The CDC’s HEADS Up program offers specific guidelines to coaches and parents for helping prevent traumatic brain injury (TBI) or concussions, in student athletes. The Read More

Do’s and Don’ts About Car Passenger Safety

Parents may have the best intentions to keep their children safe, but sometimes life gets in the way, people get distracted, and children get injured or worse. Bethany McCunn of the Virginia Department of Health works in the Injury and Violence Prevention unit and offers valuable advice about keeping children safe. Q: What’s the biggest Read More